Principal, Providentia Worldwide

About Ryan

Ryan Quick received degrees in English and Philosophy from Vanderbilt University and went on to study American Christian Ethics at Yale Divinity School. His Lifelong hobby of working with computers provided a means to support himself through college and he has been a part of the Internet and Linux communities since the early 1990s. He has focused on distributed systems for the last 25 years, with special attention placed on the interaction between applications, operating systems, and the hardware and networks underlying them. He started his professional career consulting for high-throughput transactional platforms, security, and systems integration for health care, banking, and large campus computing environments.

Ryan holds patents for messaging middleware systems and is a pioneer in bridging High-Performance Computing technologies with enterprise best-practice infrastructure. His most recent work in leveraging HPC concepts for real-time analytics with his colleague Arno Kolster have garnered provisional patents, IDC HPC Innovation awards (SC12, SC14) and HPCWire Reader’s Choice awards.

Ryan is an expert at scale-out systems, UNIX kernel design, and profiling, and has been recognized for innovation in hardware and application design, as well as in messaging ontology and distributed event-driven systems. His current efforts bring machine learning, real-time streaming, set-selection, and digital signal processing technologies to bear on predictive analytics to provide self-healing for command and control systems. Always a systems integrator at heart, he is always looking for “cross-discipline” solutions to bring novel technical solutions to some of the toughest problems in the world today.