Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Powered by HPC

With the ever-increasing attention being placed on AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning, there is no shortage of questions regarding how to discern reality from hype. Now that big data is commonplace, how can one dive deeper into the insights and make sense of the data? HPC on Wall Street aims to demystify the marketing hype and discover the real impact these technologies are making in the Financial Sector by highlighting key AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning success stories.

Hybrid and Advanced-Scale Cloud Computing

As the cloud computing continues to grow in size and importance, there are still a variety of concerns for financial services executives including economies of scale, speed, and especially security. From the speed and reliability of the cloud to its cost and security, HPC on Wall Street will uncover best practices for collecting, storing, migrating, and analyzing data in hybrid cloud environment. We’ll dive into solutions that take an agnostic approach to building a high-performance hybrid IT infrastructure to help scale to modern business demands utilizing current innovations in FinTech.

Regulatory Impacts on a Digital Transformation

The advent of high-performance computing is changing the way the financial sector conducts business. With the onset of big data, HPC has become a necessary tool for extracting business intelligence financial organizations needs to stay ahead of their competition. However, there are still major concerns surrounding digital transformation and the regulatory laws governing data acquisition, data sharing and data manipulation: How do we properly store and analyze the data? Who owns it? How do we adequately protect the data? HPC on Wall Street will examine strategies for choosing the right options, with discussions around data management, data retention, and security.

Containerization and Micro-services in HPC

In high-performance computing, containers continue to gain traction as use cases show they simplify and accelerate the process of building and isolating HPC applications. Because containers enable easier application sharing and reproducibility, high-frequency trading (HFT), classic quantitative risk assessment, and other Big Data-driven applications stand to reap the benefits of containerized integration. HPC on Wall Street will take an in-depth look at the role of containers in FinTech through keynote presentations and interactive panels happening throughout the conference.

Cyber Analytics Insights and Innovations

Advances in FinTech are paving the way for an industry counter assault against cyber-attacks. As the leading concern for banks, FinTech companies, and other financial institutions, cybersecurity spending continues will continue to increase in the coming years. Armed with the latest in cybersecurity technology, the financial sector is taking the necessary steps to protect against major data breaches and mitigate the threat of cyber risk. Highlighting use cases and success stories, HPC on Wall Street will dive into solutions that will improve the coordination between the financial sector and the agencies dealing with cyber risk and cybersecurity.

Blockchain Use Cases in HPC

Cryptocurrencies are part of the new era of disruptive technologies emerging in finance technology, and as we continue to become an increasingly digitized society, this is a natural pathway for money to go down. HPC on Wall Street will offer in-depth explorations of blockchain innovations in financial services and alternative Crypto platforms that are enabling the proliferation of Cryptocurrencies.