Principal & Co-Founder, Providentia Worldwide

About Arno

Arno was born in The Netherlands and grew up in Canada where he received a degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary after a stint as a professional musician. His main career focus over the past 30 years has been database architecture, database administration, and operations architecture for a number of different industries including oil and gas, emergency services, finance, and e-commerce.

His extensive knowledge of relational databases has expanded to include the prolific influx of new database technologies such as NoSQL and graph databases. An interest in HPC and technical computing came about as a result of finding solutions to solving real-time data analytics across distributed systems at web scale. Arno and his colleague, Ryan Quick, received an IDC Innovation Excellence Award at both Supercomputing 2012 and 2014 and he’s been invited to speak both domestically and internationally on HPC and its role in the enterprise. He also received the Alan El Faye HPC Inspiration award in 2016. He’s a member of the prestigious Royal Philatelic Society of London and the American Philatelic Society.